If you are searching for Heat Treated Pallets, TX, San Antonio Pallets & Crates is ready to help. Heat treated pallets are required for export, as heat treating is used to kill wood pests which can spread when pallets are used for international shipping.

Heat Treated Pallets

Heat treated, International Shipping (IPPC) Wooden Pallets

Never have your shipping delayed again because of your pallets! ​You can have confidence that we comply with all regulations for Treated Pallets to be within ISPM 15 Compliance rules and regulations. Failing to follow these rules can result in delays, fines and even legal consequences and you can trust our team of expert pallet suppliers to make sure you have the certification and guarantee for the pallets you choose for export, so there are no hold-ups as your goods pass customs. We can offer both new and used pallets, in standard, and many other custom sizes.

Our heat-treating trailer ensures that all of our heat-treated wooden export pallets are in full compliance for overseas shipping, and arrive at your facility with proper certification.

What Is IPPC Heat Treatment?

If you’re new to export, you might have heard the acronym IPPC, but not be sure what it actually means. The International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures, publication number 15 – Regulation of wood packaging material (WPM) in international trade.

The International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) is designed to stop the spread of wood pests when wood products are used for international export. IPPC usually refers to the international standard now used, which requires wood used for export to be debarked, heat treated, and stamped to show it is suitable for international shipping. This is commonly known as the ISPM-15 treatment standard. We offer both new wood pallets with ISPM 15 compliant, and used ISPM 15 compliant pallets for sale. Give us a call today to check out the options which might suit you.

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New Ispm-15 Heat Treated Pallets

We are proud to offer a wide range of new, and fully compliant heat treated pallets, including block type pallets, and skid tops. To learn more about pallet costs, all you need to do is get in touch, and tell us more about the type and quantity you need. As well as the standard 48 x 40 pallets, we can manufacture custom wood pallets to your exact specifications. Call us today at (210) 866-8543 to talk through your options, and get a free no obligation quote for new, heat treated pallets for your business.

Are Used Heat-Treated Pallets Safe And Legal For Export?

San Antonio Pallets & Crates will only ever provide fully compliant heat treated pallets, including used pallet options. There are rules regarding the use and re-use of heat treated pallets, to make sure that they remain safe. These regulations basically mean that heat treated pallets which have not required any repairs can be reused without any further heat treatment – however, if there is a repair on the pallet, this must be done using heat treated wood. If the repair is substantial and means that over 30% of the wood on the pallet is replaced then the entire pallet must be heat treated again.

(ISPM-15) Certified
​Used Ispm-15 Heat Treated Pallets

We have high quality, used, heat treated wood pallets for sale, which are available for customer collection or delivery, in the Houston area. As an experienced and reputable pallet supplier, you can be sure that our used, heat treated pallets meet all relevant regulations, and come at a very reasonable cost. You’ll find block type pallets, and skid tops, as well as standard 48 x 40 pallets which have been already heat treated and certified for export use. Check the availability of heat treated pallets in the sizes you need, buy giving us a call today at (210) 866-8543. Let us help talk through your options, and get a free no obligation quote for new, heat treated pallets for your business.
ISPM -5 Heat Treated Pallets

Our custom HT wooden pallets will meet your requirements. We offer standard or custom heat treated pallets made of SYP Southern Yellow Pine combinations. Our custom HT wooden pallets are durable and long lasting. These pallets are specifically designed for your weight requirements. San Antonio Pallets & Crates are your ideal, custom heat treated wooden pallet solution.

A wide variety of custom HT wooden pallet designs are available to you, such as pallet crate, box pallet, 2-way and 4-way wooden pallets. Our custom heat treated pallets are often used at import and export shipping companies that ship their products.

Our new and used heat treated pallets meet the following criteria:

  • New & Used Heat Treated Pallets
  • 2-way and 4-way forklift access.
  • Meets ISPM 15 export specifications.

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Pallets and crates simply move the freight that’s needed all over the world. San Antonio Pallets & Crates builds and supplies companies with custom pallets, new pallets, (HT) heat treated pallets, heavy duty pallets, used pallets, crating, cut stock, pallet deck boards, and notched pallet stringers for sale.

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