We will build any Heavy Duty pallet to your specifications and deliver to your San Antonio area location.

Heavy Duty Pallets San Antonio
*San Antonio Pallets & Crates, a local pallet supplier in San Antonio, TX and enjoy having the opportunity to help serve our San Antonians with their heavy duty pallet needs.

If you need to ship liquid containers, metals or other products with high weight support requirements, our heavy duty wooden pallets will meet your requirements. We offer standard or custom pallets made of hardwood and hardwood/softwood combinations.

Our heavy duty wooden pallets can withstand huge weight loads, are durable and long lasting. These pallets are specifically designed for high weight shipments. We are your ideal, heavy duty wooden pallet solution.

A wide variety of heavy duty pallet racks options are available to you, such as warehouse rack, foldable, box pallet, slip sheet and double faced heavy duty wooden pallets. Our heavy duty pallets are often used at wholesale and shipping companies that rack and store their heaviest loads.

Supplying Pallets & Crates to San Antonio, TX!

Heavy Duty Pallets
Heavy Duty Pallets

Our standard heavy duty pallets meet the following criteria:

  • 2-way or 4-way forklift access.
  • Meets ISPM 15 export specifications.

You can trust our team of expert pallet people to make sure you have the correct well-built heavy duty pallet for your needs. We can offer new heavy duty pallets, custom, skids and many other custom sizes.

Heavy Duty Wooden Pallets for Sale in San Antonio TX

Heavy duty pallet racks are used for transporting dense objects to destinations around the world. Heavy Duty Pallets are made from hard or soft wood, which are dried to reduce moisture and eliminate internal stress. The wood is cut, planed, edged and sanded to form profiled plates.

The profiled plates are bound into semi-finished pallets by inserting screws with anti-detachment functionality. Finally, a finishing, anti-skid treatment and wax sealing treatment are applied. Wooden pallets are the most widely used pallets around the world. Heavy Duty Pallets are horizontal platform devices for loading, stacking, handling and transporting goods and products.

Heavy Duty Pallets

  • Hardwood & Softwood Construction
  • Custom Top & Bottom Boards to Your Specs

Heavy Duty Pallet Pricing

Pricing for heavy duty pallet racks in Houston can range from around $8 each for our cheapest units, to the $75 range and even well over $100 for custom sizes.

San Antonio Pallet and Crate Supplier

Pallets and crates simply move the freight that’s needed all over the world. San Antonio Pallets & Crates builds and supplies companies with custom pallets, new pallets, (HT) heat treated pallets, heavy duty pallets, used pallets, crating, cut stock, pallet deck boards, and notched pallet stringers for sale.

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