San Antonio Pallets & Crates is a leading manufacturer of pre-cut pallet stock that meets and exceeds customer expectations. We are located in Kingwood, TX, and we are proud to provide an outstanding inventory that includes hardwood, and KD HT Southern yellow pine.

Our facility is equiped with a wood notching machine, specialty saws providing the flexibility to work with raw materials to create pine pallets, pallet cut stock, crates, and so much more. Our business model is centered around having a constant, uninterrupted supply of product even during lumber shortages. That means our customers can rely on our price stability for our pallet boards and other products when other manufacturers can’t deliver.

Pallet Deck Boards for Sale

Deck Boards
For Sale by the Bundle!

FTL “Full Truckload,” and LTL “Less-Than-Truckload ” Pricing Available.

Based on market prices – give us a call.

Texas Hardwood, and KD HT Southern Yellow Pine.

Product Name:
Pallet Deck Boards

Product Size:
Thickness = 1/2” to 1 1/2”
Width = 3 1/2” to 7 1/2”
Length = 24” to 96”

Weight Capacity:
2600 (lbs. – Approx.)

We take pride in our role as pallet material suppliers. Our quality materials combine with our hardworking team and unmatched craftsmanship to create products that stand out. Because of our skillset, we’ve been able to build lasting relationships with our customers, suppliers, and employees. When you need pallet boards and pre-cut lumber products of top-notch quality, count on San Antonio Pallets & Crates.

San Antonio Pallet and Crate Supplier

Pallets and crates simply move the freight that’s needed all over the world. San Antonio Pallets & Crates builds and supplies companies with custom pallets, new pallets, (HT) heat treated pallets, heavy duty pallets, used pallets, crating, cut stock, pallet deck boards, and notched pallet stringers for sale.